25 March 2008

Iron Man

I have to say it. Superman Returns was mediocre. X3 blew unpleasant chunks. And Spider-Man 3 lost its way. Both Fantastic Four movies were mediocre too. It shouldn't have been this way. Not at all. Marvel was on top of the world, and DC had just redefined the super-hero movie template with Batman Begins.

This summer though holds a bit of promise on the comic book movie front. Stroll over to the Iron Man movie website (click on the title of this blog for a quick link) for a preview of one the three big super-hero adventure movies of the summer. There are three different trailers for the film. Judging by the quality of those, the film does seem to have caught the essence of the Iron Man story. The effects look more than mildly hot. If you are geeky enough you might also visit the page on the movie at http://imdb.com. You may notice that Samuel L. Jackson is donning the eye-patch of one Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and no I don't know what the acronym stands for and cannot be bothered to look it up). This is interesting because if you then stroll over page for The Incredible Hulk you will notice a curious thing. Robert Downey Jr. is in the cast list of that movie (The Hulk) too....as Tony Stark.

For those uninitiated among you, Tony Stark is, in point of very serious fact and how could you not know this, Iron Man. Rumor has it Sam Jackson makes an eye-patched appearance in this particular Marvel Comics property as well. (An important side note for all of you who disliked the Ang Lee interpretation of The Hulk you will be happy to know the new film is a complete reboot. New actors, new direction new everything.

This can only mean one thing. I hope.
If The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man do big big box office an Avengers movie is not far behind. The Avengers as you may or may not know were originally formed to help the military handle a problem they could in no way handle. That problem was one Dr. Bruce Banner. Anyway it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out. I also recommend you try out this site for all kinds of geeky comic book news. http://www.superherohype.com (just cut and pase that url into the address bar or what ever that thing is called.


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