25 March 2009

A Tim Tackett essay on the JKD

Here is an interesting essay by Tim Tackett about Jeet Kune Do. I don't think he and I would probably agree on everything, I think he has a valuble perspective, and some keen insight into the history of the art of Jeet Kune Do. Worth a read. Just click on the title of my blog and you can be directed to his essay.

Hear are some other web resources on different interpretations, and methods of applying the philosphy of JKD.
For a look at the way Burton Richardson applies the principles, and yes concepts of JKD, go here.

Interesting JKD fora can be found here and here.

Also there is the Dog Brothers Forum. Their martial arts forum is often extremely erudite, sharp, and insightful, and perhaps a little inciteful. Their other fora are interesting, and fun to read and argue with. In any event they are worth a view as Crafty Dog Marc Denny has a background that includes Jun Fan, and I think they have taken the JKD approach as far as anyone in the modern era. Agree or disagree they make you think so go examine the way of the dog.