18 November 2010

"New Trends" in Islamic Anti-semitism.

Below is a clip of Anti-semitism that seems to be over represented in Islam. My first response to the following clip, was to put the following question to a friend of mine, the blogger al Rawandi, who is an Islamic Studies major, and really the only authority I know on the subject of Islam. I was not sure how alarmed I should be by the clip. This was my friend's response.
I am not sure how alarmed one should be. It is an every day event in the Arab broadcast world. I remember watching an Arab show on a weekly basis, called "A Knight Without a Horse". I was shocked to see a secret cabal of Jews meeting and planning the takeover of the world and the murder of non-Jews. It was one of the most popular shows in Egypt for as long as it ran.

I think things are well stated; "Even if the Jews leave Palestine we will continue to hate them because our religion tells us to."

Now of course, there are people, mostly here in the West, who would patronize these thugs and say "No they don't really mean that" but I will take it from the horse's mouth.

Watch the clip. I would encourage anyone who has further insight, thoughts, critique, and commentary to join in the discussion in the comments section below. Also, by clicking on the title of this blog post, you can see a discussion of this video at Richard Dawkins website (to see the discussion simply scroll down past Richard Dawkins' opening statement). It appears that any discussion of Islamic anti-semitism becomes a referendum on Israeli policy. This seems to me to miss the point. The animus in the following clip rarely describes Israelis. The scholars in these clips primarily identify Jews as the object of their scorn and unapologetically state "Even if the Jews leave Palestine we will continue to hate them because our religion tells us to."

New Trends in Arabic Anti-semitism from Henrik Clausen on Vimeo.

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