21 July 2011

Rolling isn't always rough (my old coach and his old coach)

Sometimes it is advisable to work through your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ hereafter), or indeed any performance based art in a slightly less competitive way. The clip below isn't exactly slow rolling, but it does involve a great deal of give and take. Note while you watch it (the real action doesn't kick in until about a minute into the video) that the principles are really concentrating on movement, on sweeps and on escapes they throw in a lot of submissions, but not seriously because there is no desire to upset the flow of the movement. Most of the really good BJJ people (I can not go through all the names, but I would be utterly remiss if I failed to mention Marcelo Monteiro and Jay Jack at this point) that I have trained under advocate this kind training, and rightly so. It is a great way to really feel smooth BJJ movement (or -at the very least- to begin to make your BJJ smoother), to find solutions to consistent problems in your game, and it is a great place to try building your game with new techniques -get in the reps. As such it is a wonderful way to build muscle memory so you don't have to think as much about your fundamentals when you roll for real. Rolling like will help you ingrain your fundamentals them, made them as close to an instinct as such training allows. This kind of more relaxed rolling incorporates most of the benefits of static drilling while also plopping the techniques and fundamentals in their context. If it isn't yet, the slow roll, or the give and take roll, should definitely be a component of your training.



At 9:53 PM , Anonymous Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu said...

Ricardo de la Riva is Amazing!!

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