12 April 2016

An Interesting Interview with Marty Rathbun of Scientology

If you have not seen Alex Gibey's  "Going Clear" or the book upon which it is based by Lawrence Wright you should definitely do that first. But afterwards, enjoy this interview with one of the key players in both.

The story of both Hubbard and the evolution of Scientology is a fascinating look into the growth of a religion and cult. When one examines the founders of most religions in the modern era, one is not impressed with their levels of honest self-representation. One is impressed with the plasticity of their doctrine in the face of personal desires and political pressure. The ease with which these people come up with the necessary revelations seems anything but supernatural. Modern religious people scoff and laugh at these new religious movements with out much reflection. The texts of ancient religions, sometimes subtly,  sometimes not, hint that ancient messiahs share many characteristics with their modern counterparts.


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