26 February 2007

Judo Training

At Judo class last week I was, for reasons quite beyond me on fire. I was throwing people, taking them down, and of course on the mat-well lets not even talk about that. In one of my matches though, I was trying a throw called O-soto Gari. In my mind I saw exactly how it was going to go. I knew where I was going to step, how I was going to pull him, I envisioned my reaping foot kicking high pulling the leg out from under my opponent. I had started the throw from slightly far out so I knew I was going to have make a second hop to get around. But I had the throw, I just knew it.
So...it went exactly as I planned it. Until the hop step. It was at that point all my dreams of glory just went away, along with the mobility of my big left toe. On the hop step, I ended supporting all of my weight on my big toe, like a ballerina. This ballancing act was altogether short-lived. So my toe folded under my foot, I missed the throw and got tossed a second or two later. It wasn't broken, but jammed and sprained like nobody's business. I now have an unpleasant continent of black, purple, and yellow shaped vaguely like Africa on top of my foot. The darkest areas extend up into the knuckles of all but my pinky toe. So below is a clip of how you should do O-soto Gari. You will note the lack of any ballerina stutter step.


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