16 May 2009

Training Kali Tudo(tm) Week Two

As many of you know, Tim and I have been gaga over some ideas the Dog Brothers have about working the angles in the stand up game (thats upright fighting, kicking punching while standing, for you uninitiated). The material is called Kali Tudo and is the brain child of Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny. This was our second week of working the material in earnest with in our classes and with our fighters. Happily I can report, that it has been as eye opening for them, as it has been for Tim and I.

I will be posting pictures and video of us training and sparring the material later this week. So far, the Zirconia, and the Drive by seem to what we are picking up the quickest. Though Tim had success with the Dracula, and both he and I were on point with the deceptively powerful, and powerfully deceptive Chasse. Tim also caught me chasing with Trigg 102.

Now many of my martial arts readers will be wondering what the hell all that means. And I could explain it here in my blog. But if you want to know that you have choices to make. Either go buy Denny's Kali Tudo tape, or come train with us. Or, even better, do both.

See you on the mat.


At 3:03 PM , Blogger California Combatives Club 209 said...

Thats awesome i just started kali tudo lessons too.


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