07 September 2009

More "Health" drivel from HuffPo (click here to see the craptastic medical journalism)

The Huffpo often astounds one with the strange, and unsubstantiated material it publishes on health care. Nary a credible citation. Nary a rational assessment of possible confounders, and a whole lotta woo. It is unclear to me why the Huffington Post should be so abysmal with regard to its health issues coverage, and it doesn't give me much hope for the rest of its journalism. If the Huffpo has serious aspirations to be the internet paper of record, a bit of editorial oversite is going to need to be excersized in a big way.

Its recent article on autism is really representative of their coverage. While the underlying cause of autism may indeed be radically different from the current thinking, there is no reason to accept the unsubstantiated anecdotal account offered Doctor Hyman. His solution appears to be that it all what we eat, and he sorta subtley hints at vaccinations. Its all about detoxification, its all about food allergens and pro-biotics. And the research he promised to explore in the begining of the article that supported his hypothesis that everyone is wrong about autism? If it exists, he sure decided to skip it. He didn't even give us any references.
Fuck Dr. Hyman.

Later tonight I will dissect some of the most egregious errors of this silly piece later, but I just wanted to point out to you, for the moment that this is a terrible article.


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