08 August 2009

Are the Boy Scouts a good thing? And should you support them with your tax dollars.

(Clicking on the title of this entry will take you directly to the BSA's official website. Who said I wasn't fair and balanced?)

While watching Penn And Teller on the wonderful internet device that is Netflix, I saw some thing about that discriminatory organization known as the Boy Scouts. For a while now I've been on board with them being able to discriminate against gays and atheists because they had snowed me into believing their bullshit about being a private organization. If you are a private organization, however reprehensible I may find your message, I will support your right to do what you will so long as you aren't hurting anyone. What I didn't realize is that your tax dollars and mine, fund alot of Boy Scout's discriminatory nonsense. Go here to see how they accomplish that little trick.

Considering that the Boy Scouts likes to ban atheists, gays, bisexuals, transgendered, and of course chics, is it right for our tax dollars to support such a blatantly discriminatory set of policies? Would it be right to use tax dollars to support eh Ku Klux Klan? I know of at least one alternative to the scouts that you might consider. That is to Camp Quest, which functions as as a residential summer camp. It is a bit pricey though. There are probably others to consider as well. I wonder if existing scout troops led by by more inclusive scout leaders might just ignore the scout leadership hand book on these discriminatory points and help change the orginization from the inside? I have my doubts about this approach because BSA management has been pretty consistent when it comes to kicking such enlightened folks out on their sensible asses. Poor schleps.

Unless you are a part of such a troop may I suggest that you ignore the Boy Scouts of America at really any opportunity. Feel free to let them know you will ignore them until such time as they are willing to change their policies. In the mean time, do feel free to contact your local, state and federal representatives (click here for your state congressmen, and here for your senators by state) and let them know what an un-American organization the BSA really is, and that as such, it should recieve, indeed is prohibited from recieving, and tax dollars.

So....think twice before buying candy bars or other sundries from these guys. I know they say its for a nice camping trip, or canoe rentals, but don't donate till they drop their discriminatory practices. Besides Girl Scout cookies are infinitely better anyway.

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At 7:17 PM , Blogger Diacanu said...

Not only are they in bed with the government, they're owned by the fuggin' Mormons.

I was a scout for 3 years.
Forced into it by the folks, who were brainwashed by the school counselor that it would make me normal, or some bullshit.

I sucked, never even earned Tenderfoot.
I don't regret it now.
Fuck them.
Buncha uptight cultlike paramilitary weirdos.

You're right, boycott them and their causes, and stick to the Girlscout cookies.


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