21 November 2010

Christopher Hitchens and the ABC1

Here is the two part, oddly in four parts, ABC1 Lateline interview with Christopher Hitchens. Tony Jones is an excellent interviewer, and Hitch is in top form. I think Hitch handles the question of Pascal's wager, more concisely, and with more eloquence than I did.

The first two parts are largely concerned with how Hitch is dealing with his unhappy landing in Tumortown.

The second part of these interviews involves a discussion of his false journey from the intellectual left, to the right. I say false because his politics remains essentially unchanged, with two exceptions. Firstly he thinks the anti-war movement has become the reactionary political stance. Secondly he has rejected Marxism in broad forms, but would probably still favor some forms of democratic socialism. He appears to me, and indeed he says it of himself, a defender of the human mind's most noble achievement to date. I am referring, of course, to the Enlightenment.


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