05 June 2007

A debate with the Hitch and Al Sharpton

Hitch on another tear against the moron Al Sharpton. Of course the Reverend had no chance whatsoever. Take that moron!


At 6:44 PM , Blogger Jason C. said...

I admire the people who go out and participate in these debates. What they are doing is incredibly difficult. However, I am always disappointed. Often in focusing on the questions from the theist, the atheist misses obvious points. In this debate, I thought that the atheist missed the point that it is not that atheist don't commit evil, it is just that their evil is rarely codified or set down as an accepted practice in a region.

Also, I saw a debate between Richard Dawkins and Bill O'Reilly. I felt like Dawkins let O'Reilly play the well you believe... but I choose to believe... instead of insisting that what he had to say was rooted in fact.

Lastly, on a slightly different note, I think that any debate with a radio or television personality that argues for a living has to be conducted with a moderator because the personalities will not let you finish a point. These personalities tend to introduce new points into the discussion before the original issue is addressed and they tend to set themselves up as being the correct point of view. This "I am right and you have to prove me wrong approach" is an uphill battle; An opposing side gets bogged down in sub-points and never makes a major point.

That's my take.


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