10 August 2007

Lucky Me

A few weeks ago I was able to go out with a police officer pal of mine, and alot of his friends. Not real people friends, his plastic and steel friends, the new riddles of steel. One day, Crom will ask us this riddle, and if we do not understand its depth...he will cast us out of Valhala and laugh at us.

I brought a replica of a lever-action 1883 Winchester. I was a little embarassed to bring such a gun to the show, but, it was an unexpected hit. It, like all the other guns I shot that day are well crafted enough to practically shoot themselves.
All in all there was a 12 gauge, two custom M4s (modified AR-15s), a Hecker and Koch UMP .45, a Glock 21 compact (also .45), and my 1883 (.45 longs).
A note on the M4 customs. They were all semi auto of course, but the barrels were not shorter than any AR-15 on the market. The H&K, thats it in the photos above was capable of 3 settings, 1 shot, 2 shot burst, and full fucking auto.
I have to say, it is no fun in full auto mode. It is light and tends to rise. And with a gun like that, that is so accurate, why waste time spraying and praying. Just line up the reticules and go to work I say. But what do I know, I am just a brazilian jiu-jitsu coach who gets to play with cop toys.
Anyway it was a lot of fun.


At 9:45 AM , Anonymous masadaman said...


I just happened to run across your site. Interesting but flawed. By the way, I enjoy the martial arts, also.
Anyway, you seriously believe in macro evolution?
Even Darwin at the end of his life doubted his theory.
A few questions for you.
Explain to me irreducible complexity? Mike Behe from Cornell who is the most knowledgeable Darwinist know nows I.R. blows evolution out of the way.
Where did information come from in DNA? Why is there no geological column of fossils for evolution?
If something as simple as paintings,buildings or bridges have designers, then the earth, etc.has to have a designer. You can't get something out of nothing, unless it is supernatural. I once believed in Darwin's nonsense till I realized only epistomolgical relativist believed this and they are really not educated properly.
It is like someone calling themselves an atheist. Impossible, because it lacks absolutes which means anyone can do what is right in their own morals and of course that leads to anarchy and chaos. I tell atheist that it is ok if I kill them and their loved ones because truth is relative. They say that would be wrong. I say in your world nothing can be wrong unless you are a hypocrite with your atheistic views.
I need to go but I love disarming the reprobate because it is so easy.
I apologize for any typo's.

At 9:52 PM , Blogger Max II said...

Wow! Your comment is complete drivel.
Of course it wouldn't matter what Darwin thought if evidence supported the theory. And indeed it does. (Einstien, you may or may not know shmuck, was unconvinced by the implication of an expanding universe and manipulated his theory to avoid it. However, that manipulation was the wrong thing to do. As later research would show.) Furthermore, Darwin did not doubt the veracity of evolutionary theory. That is an old god-bother's version of an urban legend.
Michael Behe, was himself blown out of the water very shortly after the publication of his own poorly written and poorly researched book, "Darwin's Blackbox." Very nearly the entire field of molecular biology repudiated him. There is as yet, no biological artifact that irreducibly complex. And every one of Michael Behe's examples has been shown to be made from the conglomeration of more simpler bits.
Your geological point it lost on me, as it betrays your complete lack of what the fossil record clearly does show.
Your something from nothing is impossible, unless it is supernatural point is, well, not really a point. It doesn't follow for starters that simply because paintings have had deliberate designers that there would be the need for a deliberate designer for things like Earth (did you realy say that? Here you make the mistake of thinking that evolutionary biologists have something to say about the Earth and its formation. Clearly not so.) It is also an important point that no one is saying that biological phenomena are random and undersigned. No, no that would be as silly as everything you said in your commentary. All biologists are saying is that the process was natural and non-random. You say order cannot be imposed without design. Have you never walked on a beach? Look at the lay of the rocks. You will notice that larger rocks tend to be found lower along the beach and the smaller lighter rocks further up the beach. No designer imposed this feature on the landscape, it was a simple process of hydrological sorting.
All evolutionary theory states is that randomly varying replicating entities will be non-randomly selected by nature. That is certain copies will do better in a certain environment, than will others and will thus leave more descendents than competitors. This has been seen time and again in the field and the laboratory.
Finally to briefly address your worthless arguments about morality. I am an atheist. I am not a moral relativist. There is not a single shred of evidence that I need any religious book to be moral. Nor to suggest that without a “good book” society will destroy itself. (There is however plenty of evidence to support the hypothesis that with a “good book” innumerable ills are committed that would be otherwise undreamt of by the non-religiously guided. All I need do is accept that there is a human nature and that my actions would cause harm to another individual and much of my decision is made for me. I am capable of empathy and know without doubt that there are several circumstances I never ever want to experience. Accepting a common, evolved human nature, allows me to expect that my fellow humans feel the same way about things. What bothers me is that you seem to think that you need a divine dictator to not do bad things. Without God, you would rape, and kill and rob. I don’t know why you think that makes you the better person, or the wiser one. I don’t do it because I am capable of empathy, you are just scared of losing a spot in heaven. I think that puts you in a much worse light.
No hypocrisy on my part, simple empathy allows me to say what is right and wrong. For instance, I know that stoning people for working on the Sabbath is wrong. If you are such a true believer then why weren’t you out today laying open, head after blaspheming head? That is what is called for in the bible. Why aren’t you busy exacting any number of the punitive measures called for in the world’s good books?

At 8:30 PM , Blogger Doug said...

Haha, good rebuttal, Max. For some reason I keep running into hosers who attend a fundamentalist church service or pick up some apologetic literature and then think they know what they are talking about when they tell me evolution is patently ridiculous. It is really amazing how little people know about the subject, like our friend masadaman here.


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