03 June 2009

A month of Dog Brother's Kali Tudo (tm) (click here)

What have they done?
-Officer Tim Davis, co-instructor of Shia Martial Arts, referring to Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny, and the Dog Brothers.

It was with this question that Tim closed our training session. One of our students, showed us his snaggletooth rear leg hook kick entry. It was his particular riff on the material. From the basic shell, to his mind, and back again. And this is happening with all our guys. (There has been a certain element of reinventing the wheel here. I saw Marc Denny doing the exact same kick, with female triangle footwork last night on the the DBMAA youtube channel. But what I've found stunning is how quickly, provided hard work is present, these understandings come.) A solid month of work, and everyone is adding their own flavor to the Kali Tudo (tm) and bringing it back to share, working it out in sparring, refining our approaches, sharing our insights. It is starting to click for everyone in key ways.

Our experience here of looking past the stuff we've been doing for the last ten years or more, largely Jun Fan Kickboxing/Boxing/Muy Thai structures, and trying something new via the Dog Brothers has been not only eye opening, but also a whole boat load of fun. Speaking for my evil cohorts, Tim and Jason, I think I can safely say, this is the most fun we've had in the arena stand up kicking and punching in years. Tim sees the possiblities of the cage, and indeed his law enforcement, I see applications all over, and its helped Jason not only understand better the kind of foot work he's been using on us for years, but also better articulate it. And our students seem to be sharing in that journey as well. What can one say but...


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