01 August 2010

Five Movies That Should Have Kicked My Ass...but Failed.

1. Spider-Man 3. Sam Raimi came close a couple of times in this film, but he tried to do too much, with too little film time. He lost his through-line early, and the film just falls apart in the third act.
FAIL. I'm glad they are taking Peter Parker from you Sam.

2. X-Men 3. Brett Ratner, I'll give you Red Dragon. Nicely done. X3 though...Abysmal. Did you even look at the source material? Obviously not. Horrid.

3. Aliens vs Predator. Part of the tag line was right. "We Lose."

4. Alien 3. No mas.

5. Superman Returns-If you haven't seen Richard Donner's 1978 Superman this new film is actually okay. The problem is that is suppose to be a sequel to that film, not a nearly point by point remake. Singer is a great director, who was a little too enthralled by his hero.