10 August 2007

Lucky Me

A few weeks ago I was able to go out with a police officer pal of mine, and alot of his friends. Not real people friends, his plastic and steel friends, the new riddles of steel. One day, Crom will ask us this riddle, and if we do not understand its depth...he will cast us out of Valhala and laugh at us.

I brought a replica of a lever-action 1883 Winchester. I was a little embarassed to bring such a gun to the show, but, it was an unexpected hit. It, like all the other guns I shot that day are well crafted enough to practically shoot themselves.
All in all there was a 12 gauge, two custom M4s (modified AR-15s), a Hecker and Koch UMP .45, a Glock 21 compact (also .45), and my 1883 (.45 longs).
A note on the M4 customs. They were all semi auto of course, but the barrels were not shorter than any AR-15 on the market. The H&K, thats it in the photos above was capable of 3 settings, 1 shot, 2 shot burst, and full fucking auto.
I have to say, it is no fun in full auto mode. It is light and tends to rise. And with a gun like that, that is so accurate, why waste time spraying and praying. Just line up the reticules and go to work I say. But what do I know, I am just a brazilian jiu-jitsu coach who gets to play with cop toys.
Anyway it was a lot of fun.